Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Upcycled Bonnet Furniture by Sears

Bought this BEAUTIFUL furniture few days ago and couldn't wait to re-do!! Looked up the furniture it is called Bonnet by Sears... The lines and structure make it look Victorian...

Gloss turquoise with antique white drawers- Don't you just LOVE the hot pink high chair...

Gray chalk paint with antique white drawers..

Antique white table with yellow distressed drawers.... My FAV...



  1. i am buying some of this furniture this weekend, and planning on re-making it as well! for the top pic, the hot pink high chair, and the blue/white night stand...did you use spray paint?

  2. Yes, both pieces were painted with a Primer base spray paint! That is the turquoise and hot pink... The antique white was hand painted:) I usually use primer based spray paint for small pieces with colors I don't use too often! Be sure to use PRIMER or NO paint will stick to the wood... Happy painting...

    1. thank you! i can't wait to get started on the furniture, and your blog assured me that i had made a great choice in the furniture i chose. thanks so much! great designs and colours! keep up the great work!

  3. Did you have to sand the furniture before you painted?

  4. i just got a peace of the bonnet furniture a dresser with 10 drawers , when were these made, is there a value to these peaces, or is it good to redo looks like couple of your peaces great shape no nicks , like your peaces , would like to add to this set ,

  5. Oh my gosh, your Bonnet furniture is beautiful. My brother just gave my son and his fiance 2 dressers and 1 mirror. They are so yellowed and I have worked all day trying to clean one. Nothing seems to work. I would love to paint them but I have no experience. Please help me to do the painting. Did you have to sand the furniture? What then? Do I use any special paint? I did bleach the handles and they came out beautiful! Oh I want this for them so bad! Her dad is giving her the bed that he made for her so she will probably want to match the wood on her bed. Please send me any information that you are willing to share!